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What is it?

About EasyEncode

EasyEncode is a powerful script which encodes other php scripts. For example, if you have a script like this:

$db = mysql_connect("a_server","a_username","a_password");

With EasyEncode will be like this:

y1S0gEyS4HsvMTcVDCnILG4uDy/KEVJ05qXixOirTg1B6grPiUJpDElSUkHaCZIGgA='))); ?>

And the result will be the same!! Script encoded this way aren't much bigger thanks to the gz compression, and sometimes also smaller!! Also, they aren't slower than unencoded ones, at least for scripts under 100 KB, and anyway it's hard to sense the difference. It is really easy to use, thanks to a user-friendly interface, with also possibility to create backup copies of the original script. You can choose from different security levels from 1 to 10, at level 10 the source script is very hard to retrieve. EasyEncode is useful in case of a mysql_connect statement, to hide username and password or whenever you have to store reserved data in a script. Do you think EasyEncode is right for you? Then go to the Project Page and get the latest release or find out more about it!

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