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EasyEncode Features


These are the main EasyEncode features:

  • Direct Encoding - You don't have to copy and paste the encrypted string into a file: EasyEncode edits the script for you.
  • Encode through the base64_encode/gzdeflate method - Encrypts file and also compress it - so the space on your server is saved!!
  • Lightning-Fast decoding - In fact EasyEncode uses PHP engine native functions
  • User-Friendly interface - Encode scripts just typing its name!
  • Multiple security level - So you can decide the balance of your script (1-smaller file, very fast processing, low security / 10-bigger file, slower process, highest security/Anyway, speed and size doesn't change so much, usually 6 is suggested)
  • Possibility to create backup copies of the scripts you're about to encode - So you can always have the source code!
  • Encode Panel protected through the PHP_AUTH_USER mod - Only you will be able to encode your scripts!
  • And more to come in the next versions!!

Find out what you need to run EasyEncode on your Webserver.

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